Where do I send payments and correspondence?

Checks need to be made payable to “Windemere Woods Subdivision Association” 

Windmere Woods Subdivision Association, c/o Proper T Managers, LLC, 52759 Lembke Drive, Shelby Twp., MI 48315

Manager: Phil Brecht 

Phone:  586-422-1255

Fax:  586-580-9489



What time do the snow plows show up during the winter

When the snow reaches 1.5″

When are yearly dues payable?

Before March 15th of each year or a late fee of $25.00 per month for a maximum of four months.

When is the annual meeting?
November of each year.
What can the HOA do about my neighbor?
The bylaws allow the HOA to enforce only those rules that are contained within the bylaws.
What can the HOA do about the roads?
The roads are owned by the Macomb County Department of Roads.  Please direct all issues to them at:  (586) 463-8671
Why do we have a property manager?
The HOA now uses a property manager to assist with the various functions/responsibilities of managing the subdivision including the administration and enforcement of our By-laws and annual dues collection. They can be your first point of contact for subdivision issues and Architectural Change Requests
There are sometimes issues with snow plow damage to mailboxes or lawns. The wooden mailboxes are 15+ years old and the posts have a tendency to rot due to the weed wacking and weather conditions in MI. Unfortunately, the snow plow contractor is not responsible for repairing damage to mailboxes from snow displaced by the plow through normal operations (this will fall on the homeowner). However, if your box was hit directly by the plow Tundo Maintenance, the snow plow contractor, will replace it. They can be contacted at 586-468-2769. If you want to repair your wooden mailbox, the plans for the box are included in the Files section of this Facebook page. One of our residents, Kevin Duke, has offered his services for repairing your wooden mailbox and his number is 586.228.7792 or kdksrd@comcast.net. For those who want to upgrade to the cast aluminum mailboxes the information on those can be found here: http://www.specialliteproducts.com/mailboxes/curbside/berkshire.aspx
If you see potholes in the sub you think should be fixed, snap a picture(s), attach to an email with a description of the location, and send either directly to the Macomb County Department of Roads (or report it with their form at http://roads.macombgov.org/Roads-Home-Request) or to the HOA email above (if we get multiple requests for different pothole repairs we can combine them and send together to the department of roads). No guarantees, but if we don’t ask, they won’t be fixed.
What to do when selling your home
When listing your home for sale, please be sure to provide the HOA property manager and board members contact info and copies of the Association By-Laws and Subdivision Easements and Restrictions (see “Files” section of this Facebook page) to the listing agent so prospective buyers/agents can be informed of the rules and know who to contact with questions.